System solutions with aqua-Carbon


real closed loop recycling management

We offer different system solutions in the range from drinking water purification, wastewater treatment as well as process water treatment. Center of our solutions is the aqua-s-Carbon. Its unique properties enable, among other,  reduction or removal of nitrate and nitrite, pesticides, surfactants, COD, hydrocarbons, and pH-neutralization. Moreover, after use the aqua-s-Carbon is recovered and reused several times.

The aqua-system solutions are demand-driven and scalable. The design and therefore the size of the complete system complies with the water throughput per year and the kind and quantity of impurities that shall be reduced or removed. The filter consists of standardized components, which are modularly connected in series as required. This results in a multi-stage filter system which is adapted to the water to be treated. Where necessary, the integration of standard technologies completes the solution.

We always create a WIN-WIN-situation for environment and our customers. The filtering is carried out without use of any chemicals. The filter systems are low-maintenance and very efficient in energy consumption. In addition to reduction of operating costs, our solutions contribute to savings in wastewater fees and the reuse of process water.

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