By just logical thinking we are not able to receive knowledge about experience; all knowledge of reality starts with experience and end in it.

Albert Einstein

Empirical values are basis for every successful realization of a project. We do not rely on theories and values measured under laboratory conditions at minimum scale. An optimal design of the equipment, an optimal control of the process and a confident profitability forecast are only accomplished with experiences under real conditions.

For our Research & Development we have a module in laboratory scale, one module in technical center scale, and one module in industrial scale. Depending on the task, the modules in laboratory and technical center scale will be customized.

The module in laboratory scale is only used for input materials we have no experiences with. The technical center scale module simulates the process of the industrial size module. There, parameters such as kind, amount, and quality of the end-products as well as optimization of the quality, most energy-efficient process, and, if necessary, the optimal design of the equipment are evaluated.

Within the frame of our R&D range of services, you can survey whether your individual waste is economically recyclable or if your product is economically improvable. Our services are:

Phase I – Evaluation of the basic feasibility and prospect of profitability

  • as far as not available: detailed analysis of the input material
  • when improving product: Specification of the demanded parameter
  • up to 5 test runs under different conditions in the laboratory scale module
  • up to 5 test runs under different conditions in the technical center scale module
  • recording of the input and output quantities
  • analysis of relevant parameter of the outputs in a certified laboratory
  • Report with recommendation of next steps

Phase II – Preparation of industrial realization

  • Optimization of the end products for the chosen application
  • Optimization of the equipment
  • Comprehensive analysis of the end products and, where applicable, applied laboratory tests
  • Economic feasibility study
  • Comprehensive report and concluding assessment

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On the following pages, we introduce different (intermediate) results of our research and development.


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