Resource Recycling Industries GmbH understands itself as a comprehensive service providercustomer-563967_1920 for its customers. We assist you from the dimensioning of the plant through the implementation to maintenance of the systems. Different stages of the project require various services that essentially are:

Pre-Project stage – Clarifying the scope of the recycling plant and first technical details

  • Calculation of the optimal size of your plant
  • Delineation of constructional demands on the production hall and social areas
  • Delineation of the estate
  • Evaluation of possible funding

Project stage I – Application and Permission according to environmental law

  • Creation of the application
  • Supervision of the entire approval process
  • Analysis of the permission
  • Implementation of the authorities’ requirements and orders in the technical and organizational planning

Project stage II – Construction (or re-construction) of the production hall, configuration of the estate

  • Coordination of building requirements with your architect’s office or company who builds the hall
  • Regular inspection of the site and checking the ongoing work
  • Assistance in the final acceptance of the hall and outdoor areas

Project stage III – Assembly of machinery and equipment

  • supervising of the assembly of machinery and equipment
  • Coordination of the trades

Project stage IV – Initial Operation

  • Overview: Obligations of the operator toward the authorities
  • Safety instructions, training and introduction to the equipment for the operating personnel
  • Operating instructions
  • Initial operation of the machinery and equipment
  • Organization and support of final technical inspection and acceptance tests
  • Compilation of technical documentation

Project stage V – final authorities’ approval

  • Organization and support of final authorities’ approval of the plant

Project stage VI – Handover of the recycling plant to you

  • Handover of technical and organizational documentation

After-Sales Service (by request)

  • Coordination of annual maintenance
  • Reminder service: technical inspections
  • Annual personnel training (fire safety, employment protection, and so on)
  • Training on the job for new staff
  • Regular updating of safety-related documents

Business and financial planning

We recommend creating your own business and financial planning. Some general parameter for your calculations are available here. Certainly, we can prepare a bank-compliant business and/or financial planning individually for you and, on demand, support your financial negotiations. Please do not hesitate to ask. We will gladly submit an offer.


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