OTR and EM tires are used on transport equipment that works in mines on the surface as well as underground. It is not for nothing that this kind of tires are also called »giant tires«. With an outer diameter of up to 3.7 meters and weighing up to 6 tons of this name is more than justified. As far as possible those tires are remold. At the end of their usability OTR– / EM-tires are shredded and processed to granulate or, also in size-reduces form, burned. A material recycling does not take place, yet.

giant-CRS-BERAHN® for Mining Tires

Due to its size, even the transportation of those huge tires is a challenge. While developing our technology we have considered this. Aim was to develop a mobile solution in order to recycle the giant tires at the place they are.

In opposite of the regular CRS-BERAHN® for manageable waste the giant module does not have three but just one reaction vessel. It is connected with the oven. The cooling is integrated into the process. The emptying of the vessel is realized with a special, for this application designed, system.

The reaction vessel is filled with one (whole) OTR-/EM-tire or, as far as the tires are not that giant, with several of this kind of tire.

The process is in its main features the same as for regular (car) tires. The tires are treated in a whole (not shredded). The duration of a process depends on the rubber portion of the tire. It can last up to 24 hours. During the process, gas arises that mostly condenses to oil. The gas is led directly to a CHP for producing power. The oil can also be used for power generation.

With an especially for this purpose designed system the completely cooled down reaction vessel is emptied. The solids – carbon and steel – are separated from each other and packed for sale.

The set-up of the plant is designed so that it can be dismantled within a short period and reinstalled elsewhere.

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