plant-157380The optimal way for material cycle for biowaste has been and will always remain composting. Due to several reasons, this is not always possible, though. Therefore, it is essential to make at least the energy content available. One efficient solution for that purpose is the CRS-BERAHN® for biowaste.

Most of the biowaste is very light. In order to reach an economic throughput it is necessary to pellet it. Often, also drying of the waste is required as far as the moisture content exceeds 15%. The drying takes place within the plant since the heat produced by the power generation unit is usually enough for drying.

Depending on the kind of input, one process can last up to 56 hours. When treating biowaste usually more gas than oil is produced. Therefore, the energetic use locally is not only useful but also necessary. As solid BERAHN®-Biocarbon remains.

Design of the Biowaste Recycling Plant

The recycling plant for biowaste consists of the filling, CRS-BERAHN® modules, cooling area, emptying, and power generation unit (e.g. gas turbine). Depending on the duration of a process, just two reaction vessels are necessary. The filling takes place automatically with a system that is design to handle bulk goods. Further details to the general design of a plant you find here.

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