The Complete Recycling System-BERAHN® [CRS-BERAHN®] is the basic technology and therefore linchpin of all applications and core technology in every plant. The system consists of the hardware – the module – and the process. Only the perfect interaction of the two components allow the production of the goods in the demanded quality.

Both, the process as well as the technique can be aligned for different applications. One the one hand, this enables the operation in different industries with variable input materials. On the other hand, the respective resulting products can be adapted to the markets needs and hence, sold profitable. One example is the aqua-CRS-BERAHN® technology.














The CRS-BERAHN® combines technical, economical, and environmental aspects.


  • The technology corresponds to European and German environment and safety standards
  • The process works pressureless under exclusion of oxygen within a middle temperature range
  • Process runs fully automatic


  • No additives or catalysts necessary
  • Normally no pre-treatment of the input material is required
  • Low running and maintenance costs of the modules, customary maintenance costs in the industry for attendant equipment
  • Often an own, autarky power supply is possible


  • Normally no waste is generated
  • Power production out of own products and therefore high saving of fossil resources
  • Multiple recycling of the waste/the product and hence a significant saving of raw material and other resources
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