… for process and wastewater treatment

standardized components create a multi-stage filter system

In industry and commerce, the requirements for water treatment are highly individual. Interactions of different substances in waste water or process water make the use of standard technologies often very inefficient. However, the target is intersectoral: reducing operating costs and / or reducing wastewater fees. In order to meet these requirements, the implementation is usually carried out in stages:

1. Stage – evaluation of feasibility and profitability
On the basis of up-to-date analysis, the substances to be reduced and their target values are defined. We then determine the optimal filter system combination which enables us to make statements about the profitability.

2. Stage – Construction and operation of a prototype
The prototype will be connected to the running system using a bypass. While in operation, fine adjustments are made under real conditions in order to achieve the defined targets safely. Regular chemical analysis and reporting are a matter of course.

3. Stage – Planning, Construction and Installing of the industrial filter system
In cooperation with your technical staff, the aqua-I-FS is designed according to your local conditions. The construction of the filter components takes place in Europe according to the state of the art.

4. Stage – Maintenance and Repair of the industrial filter system
We understand ourselves as a comprehensive service provider. Therefore, the maintenance of the industrial plant is self-evident. It includes the regular change of the filter materials, the recycling of the aqua-s-Carbon, and the recording of the general condition of the filter system. An automatic reminder service is included.

Do you have ammonium, nitrate / nitrite, oils, pesticides or other substances in your process or wastewater that you need to reduce or remove? Your COD value is too high? The pH too low or too high? Then contact us. We would be glad to provide you with an individual offer.