When designing plants we focus on efficiency, operational safety and reliability as well as on redundancy. This applies not only to the CRS-BERAHN® modules but also for all attendant facilities.

Normally all components of the plant are produced by German and European certified specialized companies, who also do the mounting and installation on site. All machines and equipment correspond to German and European standards as well as environment- and safety regulations. When selecting, an eye is kept on the state of the art and, if necessary, the equipment will be adjusted or evolved.

Peripheral devices of a plant are usually:


In the division »Filling« the reaction vessels are filled with the input material. This area is, depending on the nature of the material to be treated, design very differently.


Cooling down

The »Cooling down« is a separate room to which the reactions vessels are brought directly after a process. There the vessels including their content cool down to ambient air temperature.


Emptying, with separation (if necessary)

This section is for emptying the reaction vessels and sacking of the solid(s). The design of the emptying differs depending on the kind of solid(s).

As far as different solids are in the reaction vessels, such as carbon and steel when treating waste tires, the separation will separate those from each other.


Liquid Storage

Normally the liquid storage are oil tanks.


Power Producing Unit

Normally the CRS-BERAHN® technology produces burnable gas during a process. Often, also a high calorific oil comes out of the process. Both outcomes are utilized to generate electricity and heat/cold. Which technology for power generation is used depends on the input and hence properties of the gas/oil. An own power generation creates independence from the public power grid and autarky operation of the plant.


Safety related equipment

Safety devices ensure that unwanted emissions do not reach the environment, guarantee a high level of labor and industrial safety, and, last but not least, a long-lasting operation of the plant.



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